Annapolis Acupuncture is the practice of Peter Hennig, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM).

Peter began practicing in his hometown community of Annapolis in the Spring of 2002 after graduating from the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bethesda. Working closely with the exceptional faculty at MITCM during the three-year program, where they had developed a curriculum based on their training at Shanghai and Beijing Universities, Peter developed a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He continues to be fascinated with Acupuncture and it's many uses in treating in wide array of conditions.

During the mid-1990s after suffering with recurring headaches and dizziness, and after getting no relief from conventional medicine, Peter turned to alternative approaches. Joining a Qi Gong class sent him on the next logical step toward Acupuncture, where he received treatment his future school, MITCM.

He also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art where he studied painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. Art and Acupuncture have many resemblances, clearly evident in the traditional diagnosis and needling techniques, as well as the Chinese perception of the body as an ever-changing landscape. In some ways, Traditional Acupuncture techniques may actually have more in common with the skills of an artist than that of a modern doctor.

Now living on Maryland's scenic Eastern Shore, Peter enjoys bicycling, fishing and spending time outdoors and at the beach with his wife Tammy.